Micah’s Mixx: 10-year-old Turns School Bus into Food Truck

The pandemic has pushed a new generation of entrepreneurship in young people who start their ventures at an early age. Ten-year-old kidpreneur Micah Idris decided to launch his own food truck named Micah’s Mixx.

“The 5th grader started the idea in March of 2020, selling his lemonade with a stand on the sidewalk. Once his drinks became a big hit, his mother Danielle decided to help his business by looking for a suitable vehicle to help Micah become more mobile. She eventually found an school bus for $4,000 available for purchase from a private school,” Black Enterprise shares.

Danielle and Micah began a fundraising campaign in order to expand his journey to becoming a businessman. The campaign helped them buy the essential supplies he needs to keep the business progressing.

“Thanks to your donations and the purchase of over 1,500 bottles of lemonade I have my minibus! Now I start the hard work of raising enough funds to actually make it a food truck,” he shared on his Instagram page.

According to his website, Micah “loves video and computer games, movies, soccer, going to the beach, and pretending to be a ninja. He’s always dreamed of having his own business and has been talking about having a secure future since he knew what the future was.”

You can donate to Micah’s Mixx on his GoFundMe page to help him and Danielle reach their goal of $10,000!

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