Me and My Afro: 11-Year-Old Writes Book About Self-Love During COVID-19

While most children spend their free time playing video games, 11-year-old Aiden wrote a book entitled Me and My Afro. He created this book to help children who may struggle mentally due to the pandemic.

“People need inspiration,” Aiden told ABC 7. “They’re probably feeling down. Because of the pandemic kids can’t play outside. They have to wear masks and that’s wack. So I decided to make a book about self-love and that would get them energetic and feeling much better.”

While deciding what he should do, he went over his ideas with his Big Brothers Big Sisters mentor, Spencer Jaffe.

“I got to see a lot of the pages and ideas going into the book, but Aiden had full creative control,” Jaffe said. “There was something I saw in Aiden I saw in myself when I was his age: inquisitive, shy but a little something underneath, something excited.”

“I want kids to love themselves and love the way they are, love their hair, and be a leader and not a follower,” Aiden said.

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