Join Us for WIN Week!

The first week of June (June 1-7) is Well Being In the Nation (WIN) Week, which includes a series of free virtual gatherings, hosted by the WIN Network and it is open to all. During this week, they will reflect on COVID-19 focusing on connection, sense-making and system change. These shared conversations will help to inform a blueprint for equitable community resilience for the CDC and FEMA.

Reasons to attend WIN Week:

  1. To interact with others: A chance for real-time connection, sense-making and system change around the Coronavirus crisis with changemakers who span across sectors and come from the grassroots to grasstops—including community residents, national organizations and federal agencies.
  2. To build a legacy of interconnected-ness: A chance to reflect on the legacies that got us here and opportunities to build new legacies that connect our physical health, mental health, economic well-being, and our sense of belonging and civic infrastructure with an equity lens.
  3. To plan for system change together: A chance to contribute to the development of a national blueprint and policy agenda for recovery, resilience and system transformation that leaves us more equitable than we were before

Be sure to join the conversation and let the voices of our communities be heard!

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