How to Cope with COVID-19 Anxiety When Returning to Work

Returning to the office can be difficult during COVID-19. ASCI’s In-Home Clinical Services Supervisor IV, Nico’Lee Biddle, shares tips on how to cope with anxiety when returning to work.

Remember Safety Protocols

  • Continue to wear a face mask (and wash it daily if it’s reusable cloth).
  • Wash your hands often for a minimum of 20 seconds with soap and water.
  • Continue to social distance at a minimum of 6 feet.
  • Complete field visits in places with open air flow, such as a porch.

Use Positive Self-Talk

The 24/7 stream of information from news and social media can make it difficult to center your mind. When you feel your thoughts beginning to race, recite a positive affirmation to ground your thoughts into reality.

For example, repeating “I am being safe, even if the world can be scary. People care about me. I deserve to be healthy,” is a way to calm your mind in the middle of chaos.

Meet Your Basic Needs

  • Eat healthy meals.
  • Get an adequate amount of sleep each night (6-8 hours).
  • Exercise.
  • Connect with people who make you feel good, worthy and happy.

Contact Your Doctor

If you’re feeling physically sick or mentally and emotionally tired, contact your PCP and/or connect with a therapist to help you. Many insurance companies have waived co-pays and deductibles for behavioral health appointments due to the pandemic. 

At ASCI, we understand that returning to work during this time can be stressful. Our hope is that these tips can make the transition back into the workplace easier for all. Thank you, Nico’Lee, for sharing these helpful tips for caseworkers and all workers who may have anxiety when returning to work.

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of A Second Chance, Inc.

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