From the Desk of Stacy Wright: Remembering the Matriarch of My Strong Black Family

I love February! I specifically love it for two reasons: Black History Month and my mom’s birthday. (You thought I was going to say Valentines Day, huh?)

One of the things I take pride in as an African American woman is the fact that we have an entire month to celebrate our race and culture. It’s a time to reflect on our history and how far we have come through our life struggles. And I embrace this not just one month a year, but every day. But I stick my chest out a little more in February!

Now, for the second reason: Rhonda Delores Wright, the matriarch of our strong Black family. Oh, how we loved to shower this woman in February for her birthday. She was the epitome of a queen to us.

Family was major for my mother. She became a wife and a mother at a young age and I am sure faced many roadblocks trying to come into her own. Looking back on my sister’s and my upbringing, we couldn’t have asked for a better nurturer. And nurturer she was to many, young and old. 

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and my mom for sure was a village to many. Out of all 12 months, February is the most special to me.

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One thought on “From the Desk of Stacy Wright: Remembering the Matriarch of My Strong Black Family

  • This truly touched my heart Stacy! I know that she’s smiling down extremely proud of you and you sore as well as keep her memories alive and honors her marvelous works!
    I thank her for creating you 🙏🏾☺️

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