From the Desk of Shamena Thomas: Wellness Fridays at ASCI

COVID-19 has not just wreaked havoc on community health across the country, but also affects the well-being of essential workers, such as our staff here at ASCI.

This past September, witnessing the effects the pandemic was having on staff morale, CEO Dr. Sharon McDaniel asked the Wellness Committee to rework our usual wellness schedule to facilitate a new program on a weekly basis. Our normal wellness program, which included in-person employee interactions, could no longer be facilitated safely. The Wellness Committee had been planning offsite wellness activities for staff to participate individually and on their own time, however, Dr. McDaniel initiated Wellness Fridays to give us a platform to remain socially interactive at a distance while bumping up our wellness program.

The response to Wellness Fridays has been very positive. Staff appreciate the virtual interactions in the form of meditation, stress management, beginner’s workouts, arts and crafts, and virtual guests with informative presentations.

Taking on this role has been a complete learning experience. I learn to be well with my team, and that’s amazing. There are multiple facets of wellness, and we incorporate ideas and guest suggestions from all staff. We uncover new and innovative ways to be well through research and brainstorming, too.

If a company initiates a wellness program, it gives staff members who would not usually participate in wellness an opportunity to give it a try. When wellness is a part of the agenda, staff members are introduced to new ideas and a lot of the time, they continue to practice whatever it is they enjoyed.

If I had to choose a few events I truly enjoyed myself, they would be candy apple making, 2021 vision boards, self-care and the meditations we do as part of every event!

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