Find the Right Car Seat for Your Children

It’s ​Child Passenger Safety Week! Did you know that 37% of children killed in car crashes are unrestrained? Read on for help finding the right car seat, installing it correctly and keeping your child safe.

The Four Seat Types

Information provided by The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)

There are many car seat choices to pick from, so choose the type of car seat that best meets your child’s needs. You can also print out NHTSA’s car seat recommendations for children.

Booster Seat with High Back: This type of booster seat is designed to boost the child’s height so the seat belt fits properly. It also provides neck and head support and is ideal for vehicles that don’t have head rests or high seat backs.

Backless Booster Seat: A backless booster seat is designed to boost the child’s height so the seat belt fits properly. It does not provide head and neck support. It is ideal for vehicles that have head rests.

Combination Seat: As a child grows, this seat transitions from a forward-facing seat with a harness into a booster.

All-in-One Seat: This seat can change from a rear-facing seat to a forward-facing seat (with a harness and tether) and to a booster seat as a child grows.

  • Select a car seat based on your child’s age and size, then choose a seat that fits in your vehicle, and use it every time.
  • Always refer to your specific car seat manufacturer’s instructions (check height and weight limits), and read the vehicle owner’s manual on how to install the car seat using the seat belt or lower anchors and a tether, if available.
  • To maximize safety, keep your child in the car seat for as long as possible, as long as the child fits within the manufacturer’s height and weight requirements.
  • Keep your child in the back seat at least through age 12.
  • Register your car seat and sign up for recall notices to receive safety updates for extra safety precautions.

Find the Right Car Seat

The Car Seat Finder is a simple tool that helps parents find the right car seat for their children. All you need to do is fill out your child’s age, height and weight to see car seat types that are suitable for your child. Make sure you’re familiar with the four types of car seats and NHTSA’s recommendations for choosing the right type of seat before proceeding.

At ASCI, children’s safety is imperative. We thank the Family Service Transportation team from providing safety to all children in our care!

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