Ed Higinbotham, 94, Makes 300 Wooden Toys for Children

 A 94-year-old Fayette County man has been making Christmas toys for children since the ’80s! State police said they have already picked up 300 wooden toys from Ed Higinbotham this month, which are distributed to kids for Christmas.

“At 94 he still has the drive and determination to see children smile this time of year. WAY TO GO ED!” state police tweeted.

Mr. Higinbotham is estimated to have given away at least 3,000 toys since he began this charitable effort decades ago!

“What goes through your heart when you think there might be a kid somewhere playing with one of your toys?” CBS Pittsburgh asked him in 2019.

Higinbotham responded, “I could almost cry, to be honest with you.”

Watch his CBS Pittsburgh feature now!

Each year, ASCI staff and community members donate toys, gift cards and other presents to our kinship children and teens to ensure their holiday is bright and full of joy.

For most children, the holiday season is a time of wonder and excitement. But for children in our care, this can be a very difficult time as they cope with uncertainty, trauma and healing. This is especially true given the financial challenges many of our families have seen as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As an agency devoted to children and families, we are so grateful to Ed Higinbotham for engaging in such a wonderful effort to bring joy to local children! Thank you, Ed!

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