Child Vaccinations Drop as Parents Avoid the Doctor’s Office

Since it’s National Infant Immunization Week, we think it’s important to talk about the recent drop in child vaccinations and check-ups due to COVID-19. It’s common sense that anyone concerned about being exposed to the virus is likely avoiding doctor’s offices and hospitals for now. However, the New York Times reports that this may be “putting millions of children at risk for measles, whooping cough and other life-threatening illnesses.” While social distancing is a necessary practice to curb the serious impact of COVID-19, as well as protect your own family and yourself, neglecting to vaccinate for preventable diseases could cause a whole new crisis and endanger children.

According to the article, pediatric electronic health records firm PCC found that “during the week of April 5, the administration of measles, mumps and rubella shots dropped by 50 percent; diphtheria and whooping cough shots by 42 percent; and HPV vaccines by 73 percent.”

While it’s obviously crucial to adhere to official guidance on COVID-19, you should not decide on your own to forgo vaccinations for your child. Get your doctor’s advice and ask what protections are in place for patients visiting the office, or if any other options are available, like drive-up vaccinations.

Also, do your research. The CDC has endless immunization resources for families! And the Vaccines for Children (VFC) Program helps provide vaccines to children whose parents or guardians may not be able to afford them. 

Easy-to-Read Immunization Schedules

Useful Lists

6 Reasons to Follow CDC’s Immunization Schedule

9 Things to Make Vaccines Less Stressful … for You and Your Baby
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14 Diseases You Almost Forgot About (Thanks to Vaccines)


Vaccine-Preventable Diseases Tiles
These small infographics detail bacterial and viral diseases that childhood vaccines protect against.

Measles: More than just a little rash
This infographic details the symptoms of measles, how it is spread, and how it can be prevented – the MMR vaccine. Learn more about this serious disease.

Mumps: More than just swollen glands
This infographic details the symptoms of mumps, how it is spread, and how it can be prevented – the MMR vaccine. Learn more about this serious disease.

Whooping Cough: More than just a cough
This infographic details the symptoms of whooping cough (pertussis), how it is spread, and how to help prevent it in children — the DTaP vaccine. Learn more about this serious disease.

Journey of Your Child’s Vaccine
This infographic provides an overview of how new vaccines are developed, approved, and manufactured, how they are added to the United States’ childhood immunization schedule, and how vaccine safety continues to be monitored after introduction.

How Vaccines Strengthen Your Baby’s Immune System
This infographic describes how vaccines help your baby’s immune system to recognize and fight serious diseases.

See Spanish version.

Fact Sheets and Booklets

Diseases and the Vaccines that Prevent Them
Basic and in-depth fact sheets list disease symptoms and complications as well as benefits and risks for vaccination. Some available in Spanish. 8-1/2″ x 11″.

How to Hold Your Child during Vaccinations pdf icon[1 page]
Comforting ways to hold your child during vaccination.

Tips for a Less Stressful Shot Visit pdf icon[1 page]
Ways you can support your child before, during and after shots.

Understanding Vaccines and Vaccine Safety
In-depth fact sheets about vaccine testing, safety, monitoring, and the process for establishing the U.S. immunization schedule.

Parent’s Guide to Childhood Immunizations
The 60-page booklet offers an overview of how vaccines work and how to prepare for a doctor’s visit.


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