ASCI Hosts Annual Breakfast with Santa

ASCI’s Breakfast with Santa was a success! There were 126 children in attendance, and each child received a gift! Families had so much fun with activities like arts and crafts, and facial how-to’s, and our CEO Dr. Sharon McDaniel even taught children how to take care of their hair.

“We had a wonderful time at Breakfast with Santa. Seeing the looks on the children’s faces when Santa entered the room was magical! I’m already looking forward to the event next year”. —Victoria Lynch, CFS Supervisor

“At the end of the event, a parent thanked us because her daughter was cyber-bullied. She had tears in her eyes when her daughter called herself beautiful, it lifted her spirit about herself. To see a parent with tears in her eyes for something as simple as a facial, meant so much to me. To thank us for that small amount of time made it more relevant, what we do, when we go above and beyond. To remember we deal with families and children to help shape their minds, knowing that people care, is phenomenal. It brought tears to my eyes.This is why we do what we do.” Toni Wagner, Senior Director III, Organizational Accreditation & Evidence-Based Strategies, SI/Knowledge Management

This event was held for our kinship families who may or may not have been able to provide for their families this holiday season. Children made Christmas tree ornaments and decorated sugar cookies! It is important to ASCI that all children in our care feel loved. Breakfast with Santa was an enjoyable time for all!

Thank you to all volunteers and families who made this event a success!

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