Books That Should Be in Every Child’s Library

African-American children want to see themselves reflected in the books they read, but books with black characters may be harder to find. When black children see positive representations of themselves in film, TV and literary characters, their hopes, dreams and goals feel more within reach. Looking like the main character in a story helps children understand that they have a voice and can be a part of the conversation. Because of this, we’ve compiled a list of children’s books that should be in every child’s library, not just black and brown children:

It is equally important for white children to see black children represented in uplifting and positive ways. When children’s minds and hearts are open, they become adults who treat others equally and don’t judge people based on outdated stereotypes.

Filling your child’s library with stories about different people and cultural groups at an early age is significant to a child’s growth and development, and will help shape them into model human beings and global citizens.

It is crucial to read books with your children that include diverse characters; tell stories about people of different ethnicities, races and cultures; and teach values like empathy, diversity and inclusion. If you don’t have kids, buy these books and others for any child in your life or to donate to schools, child care facilities, and child and family organizations!

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