Tara Skibiel

EVP, Child and Family Services, Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Corporate Office: (412) 342-0600

Tara Skibiel oversees the CFS team and is passionate about ensuring all members of the kinship triad (birth parents, child and caregiver) are supported, receive high-quality services and have access to trauma-informed care that promotes their resiliency and strengthens them as a family.

Skibiel began her career at ASCI in 2006, starting as a caseworker before transitioning into management. In 2011, she was named CFS director and in 2014, vice president of the department. Skibiel’s engagement in these many roles has provided her with valuable learning experiences and prepared her for her current leadership position. She also serves on the agency’s national team, which works to extend ASCI’s vision and replicate its models for kinship care in jurisdictions across the U.S.

Skibiel’s career includes more than 14 years in the human services field. Prior to joining ASCI, she was a caseworker for the American Red Cross, where she helped families secure housing and resources and assisted individuals who were homeless and/or experiencing substance abuse and mental health concerns.

Skibiel earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology and sociology from Washington and Jefferson College. She received a master’s degree in social work from the University of Pittsburgh and in 2013 completed the requirements to be accredited as a licensed clinical social worker. She serves as a field supervisor for master’s- and bachelor’s-level social-work students who complete their field placement at A Second Chance, Inc.

Skibiel is committed to the work of ASCI, as she believes that kinship encompasses natural family members but also the connections a person makes with friends, community members and others who are like family. She says, “Lifelong connections and relationships are the key to overcoming the obstacles in life and exceeding one’s potential.”