Jay Kadash, M.Ed.

EVP, Communications, Content and Systems Engagement

Philadelphia Regional Office: (215) 564-0790

Jay is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, Carlow University and Southern New Hampshire University, where he obtained a master’s in communications/public relations. He also holds a certificate in graphic design from Moore College of Art and Design. His experiences widely range across education, child development, marketing, grant writing, theater, television and graphic design.

With an interest in and orientation toward the arts, Jay once ran his own business and graphic design firm. He consulted with many nonprofits during this time and gained expertise in nonprofit marketing, design and events. Some of his more notable achievements include: grant awards from Toyota and National Geographic; starting one of the first after-school programs for Pittsburgh public schools; a Gene Kelly nomination for stage direction; consulting on a children’s television pilot; writing an original science curriculum; and a Best of Philly award for his design business.

Jay is proud to say that A Second Chance, Inc., gave him one of his first nonprofit consulting opportunities when he began to freelance. Today, he is happy to have transitioned into a full-time executive role with the agency.