Ahmad Kamara, M.Ed., MSW

Managing Director, Child & Family Services

Philadelphia Regional Office: (215) 564-0790

Ahmad Kamara works with ASCI’s CUA Compliance, Family Finding and Family Group Decision-Making programs. He oversees the CUA Compliance department’s work ensuring that ASCI’s kinship foster homes maintain full compliance under the DHS regulations. In addition, the FF/FGDM departments bring children and families together for family meetings that address issues pertaining to permanency and stability. Kamara believes that bringing families together to solve their own problems is a practice that fosters an inclusive and participatory process.

Prior to joining ASCI in 2009, Kamara worked for more than a decade in mental and behavioral health services. He also served as a drug and alcohol therapist, providing inpatient and outpatient counseling services to adults and adolescents.

Kamara holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology with a concentration in addiction counseling, and a master’s degree in educational counseling from Wilmington University. In 2019, he earned his master’s degree in social work from Widener University.

Kamara is dedicated to helping children and families. His hope is that every child who enters the child welfare system is touched and guided through the path of permanency, achieving long-term stability.