Kinship Emergency Response (KER)

The Philadelphia Regional Office of A Second Chance, Inc. works in tandem with Philadelphia DHS authorities to conduct kinship emergency caregiver home inspections, process criminal and child abuse clearances, provide immediate tangible needs for families and complete an emergency kinship family assessment with domains parallel to the home study required for Commonwealth approval as foster parents.

Services initiate with a kinship family assessment by ASCI within 24 hours followed by services to stabilize the new placement of the child and youth in their care. Once the Kinship Caregiver meets all Department of Public Welfare certification requirements, a Transition Meeting occurs to ensure that the kinship family will have a seamless transfer of kinship care services to a local kinship foster care provider agency to complete the home study process. The KER process generally takes between 30 to 60 days.

KER models the integrated, holistic and culturally responsive case management services and supports of ASCI to address unique clinical issues and identify family-based strengths of kinship caregivers to ensure child safety, stabilize the relative placement and begin permanency planning.