General Foster Care (GFC)

The General Foster Care (GFC) program has been established to provide direct services to children, birth parents and resource parents.  Our first goal is to identify family who are able to provide kinship foster care.  If no kinship resource is available, child are place in traditional foster care placements.  This program provides case management services to children, youth and birth families as well as helps families meet the requirements of foster care set by the Department of Public Welfare, Philadelphia Department of Human Services (DHS) and A Second Chance, Inc.

A Second Chance, Inc.’s GFC services include:

  • Culturally responsive case management services to children and birth families
  • Orientation and training of kinship foster families
  • Approval and certification of kinship foster family homes
  • Monitoring and assessments of family 
  • Re-certification of kinship caregivers homes 
  • After care assistance
  • Respite Services for children
  • Foster Parent Recruitment