Technical Assistance and Consultation will be provided to determine an agency’s needs as it relates to kinship and/or leadership development. The intent is to provide a comprehensive report that will summarize areas for improvement and recommendations critical for a programs success.

Holistic Based Kinship Initiative(HBKI)

Standards for Assessing and Recognizing Kinship Strengths (SARKS)

This curriculum will assist professionals with pertinent information for the orientation and training of kinship foster families

Training to Access the Strength of the Kinship Triad (TASK)

This cutting edge curriculum will provide an intensive training for staff who provide case management services to the Kinship Triad (kinship foster parents, child and birth parent).

Helping Our Parents Effectively (HOPE)

A curriculum designed for birth parents that are required to complete a parenting course as another step to reunify with their children

Kinship Strength Assessment (KSA)

A unique instrument of clinical reliability to assist in effective treatment planning and case management for kinship childrens and families, to assist with permanency decisions for the Kinship Child in care.

Kinship Institute Library

A series of books to inform, educate and inspire you in issues relevant and specific to kinship care!


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